History of development

The Faculty of Fundamental Sciences was established in 2004 by the Decision of the Rector of Industrial College IV.


The Faculty of Fundamental Sciences undertakes the responsibility for providing students with basic knowledge in fundamental sciences that lays foundations for students’ effective approaches to and good understanding of specialized knowledge in the fields of economics and engineering. In addition, students are equipped with thinking and problem solving skills. Students can apply these useful knowledge and skills to their study and future careers. The courses delivered by the Faculty of Fundamental Sciences include Advanced Calculus, Physics, and Research Methodology in associate’s degree and bachelor’s degree programs.


The faculty comprises three departments, including:

The faculty, currently, consists of 41 teaching staff and an administrative staff, among which 4 lecturers hold doctorate degrees, 35 hold master’s degree, and 2 have bachelor’s degrees. All the faculty’s teaching staff graduated from prestigious universities in Vietnam and overseas.

Our hard working and devoted staff are dedicated to continuously improving the quality of teaching and research and fulfilling all assigned duties.